Running Wooden Sanderlings - Metal Wall Art


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The Sanderling’s black legs blur as it runs back and forth on the beach, picking or probing for tiny prey in the wet sand left by receding waves. Sanderlings are medium-sized “peep” sandpipers recognizable by their pale non breeding plumage, black legs and bill, and obsessive wave-chasing habits. These extreme long-distance migrants breed only on High Arctic tundra, but during the winter they live on most of the sandy beaches of the world. Our sculpture is made from wood ( each bird is hand carved) and metal. Hand painted and hand crafted, no two are exactly alike. Size is approx. 40 x 14 x 2". Made in Bali. Metal hangers on back. Shown up close to the left in photo, one of 5 carved wooden birds attached to the sculpture.